Our Story

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The GoPort was designed and patented by award-winning architect and City Planner, Larry Morrison.  The GoPort was designed in Pasadena, California and is being manufactured by GoPort Enterprises in El Monte, California.  GoPort Enterprises is headed by Larry Morrison, CEO, Phillip Burns, Controller and Inventory Manager, Felipe Quezada, Production Manager, Jeremy Catlin, Computer Modelers and our Marketing and Customer Services Manager.

Several years ago Larry became frustrated with washing his family’s van weekly only to find it dirtied with bird droppings and tree sap the next day.  What a waste of time, money and water he thought.  Like many other Californians and Americans, Larry uses his garage for purposes other than parking his car.

Larry searched in vain for a movable carport that fit his vehicle, looked as good as his van and house, was easy to put up, would not blow away in the wind and was durable.  Finding no such product, he invented the GoPort.

Using his background as an architect and city planner, Larry began making hand drawn sketches that met his design criteria of portability, ease of assembly, wind resistance, size adaptability and aesthetic compatibly with his contemporary van and historic Craftsman architecture house.  (1)

Satisfied that he had concepts worthy of exploration, Larry engaged his nephew, Jeremy Catlin to create three dimensional, computer models from Larry’s sketches (2).  These computer models were then printed at a variety of scales ranging from 5% of actual size to test with vehicles of varying sizes ranging from motorcycles to large trucks and up to 100% of actual size to test the connections between parts. (3, 4)

Simultaneously with sketching and computer modeling, Larry contracted with master builder, Felipe Quezada to create full size mockups of tin, wood, plastic and foam core to test the ease of assembly and transports. (5, 6)

Working in Larry’s basement workshop, family room and backyard, Larry sketched, Jeremy computer modeled and Felipe built full-sized mockups. (7 through 10).  This effort of several years led to Larry’s applications for Utility and Design Patents.

After establishing proof of concept, lack of competitive products via patent research of prior art, Larry began exploring how to manufacture the GoPort.  He was aided in this effort by his son-in-law, Yosufi Tyebkhan who holds degrees in mechanical engineering from the California Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School and who owns a medium sized manufacturing company in El Monte, California.

Larry and Felipe attended trade shows recommended by Yosufi where they determined that the structure of the GoPort could best be made from home density polyethylene, rotary-molded plastic and that the roof of the GoPort could best be made of heavyweight, radio frequency welded fabric (spell out spec).

Larry began subcontracting for rotary molding with a leading southern California rotary molder and then purchased his own rotary molder to be able to experiment with manufacturing approaches.

In January of 2016 Larry established GoPort Enterprises, LLC to manufacture the GoPort.  All of 2016 was spent in perfecting the manufacturing process as well as determining final approaches to packaging and shipping.

GoPort’s design and manufacturing philosophy is based on creating a product of the highest quality that exceeds customer expectations.  To that end, we have obtained invaluable feedback from trade shows and sales to a few, select customers.

Go Port is now ready to create a customized GoPort for you- the perfect size for your vehicle and from a variety of color combinations. We look forward to offering you an excellent product with continuing refinements and options being made available.  All backed by a 10 Year Warranty and excellent customer service.