FAQ page

Do I need any tools to set up or take down my GoPort?

No tools are required. A GoPort can be quickly assembled by two adults. The final step of placing the Roof Cover atop the structure requires each adult to use a six foot step ladder.

Though not strictly necessary, setup is often made easier by using a rubber mallet and 1/2" stamped wrench, so we give you one of each with the purchase of each GoPort.

I plan to move my GoPort frequently.  What are my options for doing this?

Optional Transport Bags will soon be available to store your GoPort parts. These bags can be transported in your truck or van or a 5' x 8' utility trailer. 

Do I need to change the water in my GoPort Column Bases?

GoPort recommends draining and refilling the water in your Column Bases at least once a year to prevent stagnation.

Do I need to disassemble my GoPort to drain the water?

No, you can simply unscrew the water cap toward the bottom of your Column Base to drain the water.

How long will it take me to set up my GoPort?

With two adults, using two six foot stepladders and no tools, the typical range of times for setup is:

  • One Module GoPort: less than an hour
  • Two Module GoPort: approximately an hour
  • Three Module GoPort: less than two hours

What is the GoPort warranty?

All GoPort materials and parts are warrantied for up to ten years per the terms of our warranty.

How do I maintain my GoPort?

GoPort is made of highly durable materials.  You can clean both the Plastic Structure and Vinyl Acrylic Roof Cover by spraying with a mild, detergent soap and rinsing with water.

How do I obtain replacement parts for my GoPort?

Contact GoPort at info@goportusa.com or at (626)478-2798 and we can take appropriate action to send you replacement parts.

What is the best height to set up my GoPort?

The GoPort can be adjusted in height between 7'-0" and 8'-0" from the ground to the bottom of the Roof Trusses. 7'-0" from Ground to Roof Truss Bottom is ample for almost all cars and trucks.  However, the Go Port can be increased in height of up to 8'-0" from ground to the bottom of the Roof Trusses, should you need the additional space.

What size Curtains are available for my GoPort?

You can order GoPort Curtain Kits that are available in either 7'-0" or 8'-0" heights.

How can I keep my Roof Cover tight?

Your elastic Roof Cover Cord may very gradually lose some of its elasticity which could lead to a lessening of the tightness of your Roof Cover.  If this happens, you can re-tighten your Roof Cover to the Roof Structure by looping the Roof Cover Cord another turn over the Roof Cover Anchors. See the How to Set Up video and/or the Instruction Manual to see what this looks like.

How can I determine what size GoPort will best fit my vehicle?

Go to the home page of the GoPort web site where the sizes of one, two and three module web sites are illustrated along with typical vehicles that will fit each module size.  You can either measure your car yourself or Google "what is may car size" to determine your vehicle size in inches or centimeters.

Is the GoPort suitable for use in areas with significant snowfall?

GoPort, as offered for sale on this web site, is not designed to withstand snow loads. A Snow Load Roof Option will soon be available.  Please email us if you would like information about the Snow Load Roof Option when it becomes available.

Can I set up my GoPort on sloping ground?

The GoPort is designed for installation on "flat ground."  Almost no outdoor installation area, whether on concrete, grass or other material, will be perfectly flat.  So, as described in the How to Assemble Video and the Instruction Manual, there are two ways to make your GoPort "level and square" within "flat ground conditions" where there could be a minor slope of up to 5%.