GoPort Testimonials

"I am very pleased with my 2-Module GoPort. It looks great with my new car and my house! My GoPort has withstood strong winds and kept my car dust free and protected from the sun." 

Razi A., Zac Taylor Development

"I bought a 3-module GoPort for the auto detailing section of our body shop business. With its adjustable height set to 8 feet clearance, my crew can work on small cars to vans to the largest pickup trucks. The GoPort is very durable and a good value." 

Jack G., Fine Line Auto Body

"My 3-module GoPort keeps my car well protected and has such a fine design that matches my house. Everybody that sees it compliments me on it. Now my garage is my carpentry shop, and my GoPort is my portable garage." 

Tom K., retired carpenter


GoPort Customers love their Carports and Shelters!