How to Install Your ULTIMATE CARPORT

Download the INSTRUCTION MANUAL here


Please observe these warnings.


  • Consult your local zoning ordinance for location of the GoPort as a temporary structure.
  • Do not set up your GoPort on a slope. GoPorts are intended for use on flat ground with a slope of 5% or less  Instability resulting from setting up on a slope could cause a failure of the GoPort Structure with potential injury to persons or damage to vehicles.
  • Do not setup your GoPort where there is a chance of the buildup of snow or other materials on the Roof Cover. The GoPort is not engineered to support significant weight beyond its own structure and Cover.
  • Do not lift the boxes. Open the top of each box and remove all parts before moving the boxes.  Lifting these boxes could cause bodily injury.
  • Do not raise the height of your GoPort Structure Columns above eight feet. The eight feet demarcation is indicated in raised text on the Lower Columns.  Raising the Column Height above eight feet can cause the GoPort Structure to fail with potential injury to persons or damage to vehicles.
  • Be careful when you are carrying any part of the GoPort structure up the six-foot ladder required for assembly. Improper carrying of parts up ladders could result in a fall causing bodily injury. Certain parts require two persons to carry up the ladders together.  See Instruction Manual and Video for details.
  • Follow all instructions that come with ladders on their correct use.
  • Do not leave the Column Bases of the GoPort unfilled with water (and no other liquid except anti-freeze as discussed below. Failure to do so will make the GoPort unsafe, dramatically reducing the stability and wind resistance of the GoPort.

      • Do not lean any objects against your GoPort.
      • Do not put anything on top of your GoPort. The Roof Cover is not designed to be load bearing.
      • Do not use Side or End Curtains except those purchased from GoPort Enterprises as an optional accessory.  Do not tie GoPort curtains to the GoPort Columns or block the airflow between the columns if you wish to maintain maximum wind resistance. Tying GoPort curtains only at the middle of the Columns will maintain substantial but not maximum wind resistance. 
      • Do not allow water in your GoPort Column Bases to freeze as the expansion of the ice could damage these parts. For conditions below freezing (32 F/ 0 C) add a non-polluting anti-freeze in the ratio of anti-freeze to water recommended by the anti-freeze manufacturer.  Do not add sand, as this would compromise the Column threads and disable your ability to raise and lower the height of your GoPort.
      • Do not place any grill, fire pit or chimineas too close to your GoPort’s plastic or acrylic fabric components. Consult your user’s manual of the grill, fire pit or chimenea for safe distances from GoPort’s structure and roof cover, which are fire resistant but may be damaged by fire.
      • Do not place the Columns on anything other than solid ground.
      • Do not place anything under any column to raise the height of the GoPort or for any other reason.
      • Do not use any part of the GoPort for any purpose other than for which it was designed, in combination with the other GoPort parts.