1-Module GOPORT

Regular price $ 2,495.00

Roof Area: 7' width x 12' length

Made of structural-grade, high-density polyethylene, the innovative GOPORT portable shelter structure is durable, attractive and long-lasting - with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY. A 1-Module GOPORT has 4 column legs (2 on each side); each column base can be filled with water for increased stability and wind resistance. A 1-Module GOPORT roof has two mesh vents to allow wind to pass through; each mesh vent is covered by self-closing vinyl roof flaps to keep water out.

The 1-Module GOPORT will cover motorcycles, ATV’s, and other small vehicles. The 1-Module also makes a great shade for picnic tables and buffet lines, among many other possibilities.


  • Structure is made of rotary molded high-density polyethylene - the same material that playground equipment is made of
  • Roof fabric is durable, washable vinyl; UV-blocking; resistant to weather, stain and mildew
  • Roof area is 7’ width x 12’ length
  • Structure clearance height can be adjusted from 7’ to 8’ high
  • Width between columns can be adjusted between 7' and 10' high to enable setup in a variety of available spaces
  • 2 Roof vents made of vinyl-coated polyester mesh
  • Product shipping weight is 316.5 lbs.
  • With Column Bases filled with water, structure weighs 565 lbs.



The GOPORT Curtain Kit surrounds your GOPORT on all sides with vinyl curtains or shades. The curtains are made with the same material as the roof cover. Curtains are available in 7' or 8' heights; after purchase, GOPORT customer service staff will contact you to obtain your desired height.


Though the GOPORT is designed to be wind-resistant without being fastened to the ground, for areas with winds in excess of 40 miles per hour, it is recommended to bolt your GOPORT to the ground through use of stakes or anchors.

The optional Stake and Slab Anchor Kits offer the easiest way to affix your GOPORT to the ground. Stakes should be used on soft groundcover such as dirt, grass, etc., while Slab Anchors are designed for concrete or other hard surfaces. Drills and/or hammers may be required for installation. 


        Sand Color Slab Anchor Kits   Sand Color Stake Anchor Kits

        Granite Grey Color Stake Anchor Kits   Granite Grey Color Slab Anchor Kits



The GOPORT should be assembled by two able-bodied adults.

No tools are required for assembly of a GOPORT; however, two secure 6-foot ladders are required to place the roof trusses, beams and cover. Ground templates are provided for layout and column spacing guidance, and a rubber mallet and wrench are provided for assistance in setup if needed.

Please consult your local zoning ordinance concerning temporary structures before placing your GOPORT.

GOPORTS should be installed on flat surfaces with slopes no greater than 5%.

If you seek to install a GOPORT in an area that receives winds over 40 miles per hour, be sure to purchase and install the optional stake or slab anchor kit.

Do not set up your GOPORT where there is a chance of the buildup of snow or other materials on the Roof Cover. The GOPORT is not engineered to support significant weight beyond its own structure and cover.

Someone must be present to sign for delivery and indicate where you would like the boxes left (near but not on top of where you will set up). Tracking information will be provided. Do not lift the boxes before unpacking.